The Bluest Part of the Sky



This is the story my 8 year old wrote on our vacation to Lake Champlain this year…

“Ones there was a boy who was bored out of his wits.Then his mom  offered some coffee wit crea and sugar and he loves it.”                       By Aidan                                                                                      


I did give him coffee. So sue me. I was desperate. We have wondered if medication is a good option for him. I think I read somewhere about a family with a child with ADHD trying coffee instead of Ritalin, just to check out the effect. It is a stimulant after all. Well Aidan didn’t end up liking it after the first sip anyway, so the experiment didn’t work.

I love the kid, I do. I just wish he could be happy. He wakes up grumpy and throughout the day often yells in frustration about one thing or another, “This is my worst day ever!” I am often the cause of his “Worst day ever!” It gets tiring. We sit on this lovely front porch on our vacation, overlooking the beautiful lake. It’s early in the morning, he’s bored, bored, bored! We try to play a game. It ends in frustration and yelling. “I never get a good card! That’s why I hate this game!”

He finally curls up in a little ball wrapped in a blanket. I read him Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express. We have few minutes of cozy happiness. Then he wants to wake up his brother. I say, “Go outside and hunt for frogs.”

“I need someone else! If I find something I have to show someone else or it’s not fun!”  Then he rips his sweatshirt off because it’s “So itchy! That’s why I hate this sweatshirt!”

We go out in a boat with family under blue sky, over clear water. Daddy points his camera at Aidan. I signal to my mom and we quick lean in and kiss Aidan’s cheeks as Kevin snaps a picture. Aidan screams, “Don’t ever do that again!” as he hides his head and starts to cry. I know that he hates to have his space invaded unexpectedly. What was I thinking? I though it would be a cute picture. Wishing for a fun memory of the boat ride. ‘I must have gotten too much sun today,’ I think as Aidan repeats, “Don’t ever do that again! That’s why I hate this boat ride!”

Swimming with his brother and cousins in Lake Champlain. They have jumping contests from the dock. Silliest jump, most creative jump, longest jump and biggest-splash jump. Everyone puts on goggles and explores the rocks and plants at the bottom. They hunt for little fish with nets. Aidan tries out his swim fins and snorkel. As he kicks along the top of the water his snorkel slips under the surface of the lake. He pops up, rips his goggles off and flings them as far as he can. “My snorkel never works! That’s why I hate this lake!”

Taking an evening walk along the lake. We see the end of a rainbow poking out from behind a large bank of clouds. Looking out over the calm water, Aidan searches for the other end. “There it is!” he says as he points it out to me way across the sky. He stands close to me and slips his hand into mine. We stand still and I slowly let my breath out. I feel a soft breeze on my face. I hear waves lapping. “Mom, look at the pink and red parts in the sky. Mom, did you ever notice how the sky looks the bluest right above the water?”

Aidan and I stand still, quietly holding hands and studying the bluest part of the sky together.

That’s why I love this kid.


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    • Thanks Carol! We do love our boys don’t we? I actually wrote this a few years ago and Aidan just read it for the first time. He said, “Did I really say that about the sky? I’m pretty deep huh?”

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