Keep it in the Bubble


Have you ever asked asked a woman when her baby is due only to find out that she isn’t pregnant? Or told your boss to shove it?

As a special education teacher, when I work with students on social interactions, we talk about what words should go in our speech bubble and what words should stay in our thought bubble.

I think this could be a handy strategy for everyone. Seriously, next time you are about to say something, take a second to ask yourself, ‘Speech bubble or thought bubble?’ Just think of all words you could avoid eating later!

I use this strategy with my own children as well. My oldest son enjoys pushing his brother’s buttons whenever possible. When I see that certain, special, gleam in his eye I say, “Keep it in the bubble, dude!”

I truly wish I could say this to strangers sometimes. You know that one person in every meeting who has to say things just to hear himself talk? Or that attendee that’s at every workshop, training or class who has to ask obnoxious, off topic questions that are designed to show up the presenter or teacher and make them look stupid? I would just love to stand up as they start talking and say, “Keep it in the bubble!” Maybe I could have a superhero power that would zip the words right back into their mouth. That would be so awesome…

Just think where this power could lead! No more bullying! No more hurt feelings! No more Rush Limbaugh!

Oh-sorry, I’m becoming crazed with all of this newfound power.

The next time your wife asks you if she looks frumpy in her favorite old, worn, cozy fleece pajamas, or your Aunt Margo gives you sweat socks for Christmas (again!), consider my professional advice and keep it in the thought bubble! I may not be on hand to save you with my super powers!



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  1. Back in the day, when I was putting myself through school, I was a “peak time” teller with a local bank. This was in the day when jumpers were the “thing.” One day, while counting money, a regular stepped up and said, “I had no idea you were pregnant!” I was mortified as other tellers heard the comment. I had just lost a good amount of weight, too. Yes. Bite the tongue. Keep it in the bubble. Choose your battles. Choices, choices, choices. Great reminder, Trista!

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