Love, Lice and Football


Getting ready for the Super Bowl today (which really means nothing except snacks and predicting half-time wardrobe mishaps) I remember being told that going from 2 to 3 children was like going from man-to-man to zone defense. Maybe that was part of the reason we decided to stop at 2. It makes me nervous to have our kids outnumber us!

After 17 years of marriage, I think my husband and I are a pretty good team though. For example, our kids have gotten lice a couple of times. Hey, it happens! The second time we were like a well-oiled machine. After noticing the offending critters, the quarterback called out the “lice play!” We burst into action. Kevin the engineer got out his headlamp, magnifying goggles and lice extermination tools. Quite a romantic look! I stripped all of the bedding and loose stuffed animals and started the endless loads of laundry. The refs signaled a touchdoooown!

So I suppose helping with bug eradication was not what I thought of as love when we were first dating. But I’m telling you, when Kevin makes lunches for the kids or cleans out the fridge that’s way more romantic to me than any flowers or candy. And I bet when I go out there to mow the lawn or check the air pressure in the car tires that’s pretty freaking romantic to him.

Today I’m thankful for love (not lice) and teamwork. And I hope the Super Bowl commercials are good…


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