Just When I Thought I Was a Good Mom…


I think the Universe wants to make sure I don’t get too uppity about my parenting skills. It wants to keep me on my toes. Just when I start to think, “Hey, I’ve got this,” something happens to knock me down a few pegs.


A couple of hours after my first son is born, my best friend comes to visit me and meet the new little guy. She is due to have her first baby in 3 months. She sits in the rocking chair holding wee Duncan who is screaming his newborn head off. She looks over at me laying in my hospital bed, “What should I do here?”


I look back at her and say, “Your guess is as good as mine sister. I just met the kid myself a couple of hours ago.”

She goes home and starts reading parenting books.


But then I get home and start to get the hang of this parenting thing. I get to know my baby and he gets to know me. I start to figure a few things out over the next couple of years and then…


I’m shopping with my 2 year old in a grocery store in a fancy shmancy part of town. He’s sitting in the seat in the front of the cart and I’m pushing him through the produce section letting him help me search for yummy fruits and veggies. I’m feeling like a pretty dang good mom as he holds out the plastic bag and we count together as we put the items in. One red apple, two red apples… That’s right, I can shop and provide a learning opportunity at the same time. I turn away for a spit second to peruse the potatoes and notice out of the corner of my eye, people flocking toward my cart. What the… I turn to see Duncan sitting happily with one of the plastic bags firmly over his head. I pull it off just as the first lady reaches my cart with a look of disgust for my lax parenting style.


And I know I’m not the only one to learn these lessons of humility. There’s nothing like a small child to deflate the ego…


Carol and Bill have a daughter and twin boys. One day one of the boys shares this helpful observation with his mom. “Dad is smart… but kind of mean. You are nice…but kind of dumb. You two fit together just like a puzzle.”


And nothing seems to be off limits to these little guys!


Caitlin’s young daughter, Arleigh stands next to her looking first at herself and then her mom. She puts her hands about 2 inches apart and slowly draws them further apart. “Mom, how come you are so…thick? Why do I look like this (moving hands closer together) and you look like this (pulling hands further apart)?”


“Well,” answers Caitlin, “Because I am older than you and we all have different bodies.”


“Mommy, when you go on the Biggest Loser, I will be so proud of you.”


“Honey, I don’t think I need to lose enough weight to go on The Biggest Loser.”


Arleigh cups her mom’s face in her little hands, looks earnestly into her eyes and says, “You will Mommy, you will.”


Thank you Universe. I get the message…


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