Shared Images


I recently saw an image that has stuck with me and I wished I could draw it. Then I realized I could write it. Then my brain started thinking about all of the way images can be represented and shared. Through paining, drawing, writing, music, acting, dancing and others. And I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to take one image and ask people to represent it in their own creative way?’ So I would like to share this image with you in my writing and invite you to illustrate it  through your own creative spirit, in whatever form that may take.


My car is waiting

At a red light


Across the city street

A brick building


Through a bottom window

The glow of a TV


Sending out a hopeful light

Onto the dark street


Where a woman

Is illuminated


As she waits at the bus stop

Looking in at the TV


And now there are

Strangers who are


Sharing an experience

They don’t even realize


A moment of light

Connecting them in the darkness


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