Dog Dreams


My dreams are racing these days. I sometimes wake up more tired than when I crawled into bed. Full of being late for a plane, missing an important test, arguing with a friend. Sometimes they’re even scary like running and hiding in an old house from an unseen villain. Then there are the creature dreams where I am running from bears, clinging to a dock over shark infested waters, picking my way along an overgrown path looking for venomous snakes. I don’t know what causes these types of dreams. They seem to happen whether I think I feel happy, stressed, excited, scared or frustrated. And I am a very vivid dreamer and can usually clearly recall these dreams once I am awake.


I would like to have dog dreams. I watch my two mutts as they are curled up next to me on the couch. They whine and twitch. I wonder what they dream about. I bet it’s finally being able to climb that tree to catch that elusive, taunting squirrel. For one of my dogs, I’m sure it has something to do with swimming after a ball. I think she is dreaming of endless laps around and around in the lake, chasing pesky ducks. Visions of rawhides and dropped pizza crusts. Sneaking that steak off the counter and not even getting caught! Oh-joy! Wagging tales and lots of petting and scratching that particularly itchy spot. Wrestling with doggie friends. Tearing apart those doggie toys that are supposed to be indestructible.


I wonder if in order to have doggie dreams, I need to live more like a dog. Enjoy each moment to the fullest, kiss everyone I love all the time, play with toys, eat and run and swim and jump. Take lots of cozy naps. I think I will give this a try today and see if my dreams turn into running through a field, tongue hanging out, searching for the perfect tennis ball. That would be nice…


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