Shared Images 2


In the middle of January, my mom and I were both feeling a bit tired of winter. We decided to do a shared project about Bleak Midwinter and make it as depressing as we could, just revel in the bleakness! So I wrote, she painted and here are our results. Somehow a little sneaky hopeful light seeped in to both of them though. You just never know what will happen when you start to explore an image. So feel free to share your Bleak Midwinter project in your own creative spirit of dance, photography, music, sculpture or any other path your muse may lead you down!


Bleak Midwinter


Dismal grey sky, so ugly

Dirty snow, full of germs

Smell of someone’s fireplace, I don’t have one

Dogs pulling me on the icy sidewalk, undoubtedly fall

Black crows, poop all over

Lost mitten, frostbit fingers

Behind stupid salt truck, late for work

Kids sledding, probably get a concussion


Sun comes out, feels kind of nice

Hot cup of coffee, tastes pretty good

Lit Christmas tree, I suppose it’s festive

Soft blanket, I guess it’s cozy

Lit candles, a bit relaxing

A little-less-dreary Midwinter?






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