Purple Peeps and Danielle Steel


Am I the only one who constantly makes up stories about people? I feel like Steve Carell and Tina Fey in the movie Date Night when they sit in a restaurant and make up wacky conversation for the other couples dining out. I drive my husband crazy sometimes when we’re out to dinner because he’ll be talking to me and I’m totally distracted because I’m eavesdropping and coming up with a whole made up scenario about people. And it’s not just at restaurants. I recently saw a woman checking out at the grocery store with purple Peeps and a Danielle Steel book. My imagination ran away…


Esther, that was what I decided her name was, lives alone with her cat Frank. Her children are all grown and off in the world leading their own lives as are her many grandchildren. She has had a busy life raising her family on her own and working as a Vegas Showgirl. Now she likes to curl up in front of her fire with Frank and a cup of tea and read Danielle Steel while eating purple Peeps. She lets them get a little bit stale first because they taste better that way when she dips them in her tea. Esther is in her 70’s but still remembers her showgirl days fondly and still has the legs to prove it, if she does say so herself. When I saw her at the grocery store, her family had just left after a long visit and she was so excited to stock up and enjoy her guilty pleasures in peace and quiet.


So you never know when I might be lurking, making up stories about you and your dinner conversation or shopping purchases. I hope you don’t mind, because I just can’t help myself.


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