Girls In Bikinis Doing Homework


The women of The View were recently discussing the movie Spring Breakers. They got my mom all worked up about the message this movie sends to her granddaughter and other teen girls. I understand her concern because although I have boys, I have friends with girls and even when the girls were little I saw their moms struggle with finding clothing that didn’t have writing on the butt, and figuring out when and how much make-up is okay, and checking their daughters’ social media to make sure things stayed appropriate.

We do need good female role models. My mom’s solution cracked me up though. On the phone this morning she said, “I don’t think they should make movies about girls in bikinis at all. But if they have to, then they should make sure the girls also have brains. Why can’t they make movies about girls in bikinis who also do lots of school work and volunteer?” I don’t know why this struck me as so funny but I couldn’t stop laughing. So here’s what her movie would look like.

A beautiful, blond, large-breasted young woman on spring break in a tiny bikini is sitting on a beach towel and a hunky guy comes over to chat and the woman says. I’m sorry but I’m busy doing my statistics homework. I can’t talk right now. Another tan, bikini-clad women is invited on a boat for a party but cannot attend because she is on her way to volunteer in the nursing home, in her bikini. Hope she doesn’t give anyone a heart attack.

Girls in bikinis doing homework and volunteering. Love it.


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