Found Words


I’m an urban anthropologist. I love to find scraps and letters and notes that have been dropped or discarded. I wonder about the people who dropped them and think about their lives.

In a rain soaked Dunkin Donuts parking lot, I saw a lined piece of paper with crayon writing. My hands were full of coffee and donuts and I didn’t pick it up. I wonder if it was a note from a little boy to his mom, “Love you mommy, have a good day.” Or it could have been a note from an angry driver who after noticing someone parked too close to him, found a broken crayon under his seat and wrote, “Hey jerk, learn to park!” and left it under the offenders windshield wiper.

I found a TECh service desk job description for a school. Did this person just get the job or did they go to the interview and it didn’t go well?

A found report card makes me wonder if the child “lost” it on purpose.

I have similar questions and make up stories about all of these:

Hospital cleaning checklist

Housemate add

Mental health clinic appointment card

The most recent note I found was on a post-it with purple marker writing. It said, “Show everyone my awesome braces.”

These found words that represent a moment of life ignite my imagination.



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