The Bigger They Are…


I remember falling a lot as a little kid. Falling off of my bike, off the swing and while trying to roller skate. Skinned knees are an expected part of childhood. But falling as a grown up is just weird. And it hurts! In the past bunch of years I can remember three impressively embarrassing tumbles.

The first was when I was walking my dog and we walked past a neighbor who was busy paving his driveway. He had plastic bags on his shoes so as not to mar up the new blacktop. As he walked, those very scary bags made a crinkle sound and my dog freaked out. She wrapped the leash around me while simultaneously trying to take off. I wiped out on the sidewalk–full-face plant. It was just strange to walk into my house with skinned knees and hands and a big pout on my face to ask my husband for a band-aid. And what do you know? Band-aids really do make everything better. I wish we had some with some cool characters on them though.

The second fight with gravity was, I must admit, totally preventable. It was spring and my kids were in the driveway playing. I decided to join in the fun and give their pogo stick a try. I blame it on springtime. After 6 months of winter, the sun and warm weather makes me a little bit giddy. I feel young and agile, like the deer in the meadow leaping and jumping and showing off for each other. So I lept and I fell—hard. Luckily I do have some padding so I didn’t break my butt. Can you really break your butt? But I did sport a bruise the size and color of 3 way overripe avocados for a couple of weeks.

Most recently, after being sick for a week and stuck in my house, I finally felt a little bit better and ventured out for a walk in my neighborhood. I stepped off a curb, twisted my ankle and sprawled into the road. Of course there were a group of dog walkers standing and chatting on the sidewalk and a car going by. The nice man in the car slowed to ask me if I was okay. Everyone was so thoughtful that they waited to laugh until I limped out of sight.


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