Coma Fantasy


“I’m having my coma fantasy again,” I say to one of my mommy friends.

“I have that one too,” she says.

It happened more when my kids were little and it was hard to find a moment to myself. But even though my kids are teenagers, there are still those days, and today is one of them. We’ve all been sick for a week and a half, I couldn’t sleep last night because I was busy coughing up a lung, my son is failing 7th grade, my house is a germ-filled disaster, and there is nothing to eat in the fridge. Work required a level of patience I just couldn’t muster this morning. So… coma fantasy. Just for a couple of days. Lying in a clean, white, quiet place while people take care of me.  And I don’t have to do a thing. I don’t need to be a grown up. I can just sleep.

And this fantasy totally beats the old “Calgon take me away!” line. There is not enough cleanser in the world to make my tub clean enough for me to sit in. Blech!


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  1. Ok, that’s a funny fantasy. I once found myself telling a co-worker I wanted to break a metatarsal in my hand … one that wouldn’t hurt and would heal well … but one that would keep me from being able to type or use a mouse for abouuuuuut, oh, say 3 weeks? Just needed a break!

  2. I understand perfectly what it is you need. Unfortunately, you are the one that probably would make that possible and obviously that would not fit in with the fantasy. I hope you find some peace and rest. Feel better! Hugs…

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