Filling My Bucket


On a recent weekend morning, I got dressed and headed out to the grocery store. Then I sped home and put my pajamas back on, deciding that I just wasn’t ready to face the world yet. My bucket was empty. I really like the bucket analogy. We need to fill out bucket so that we can have enough energy for life. When my bucket is empty, I don’t have anything to give my students, kids, husband, friends, or anyone else.

So how do we keep our buckets filled? Here are some simple, realistic ways that I can remember to fill my bucket. It’s important to do little things like these frequently because once I let my bucket get totally bone-dry empty, it’s daunting to try to start filling it again.

  1. Spend some time writing in a coffee shop
  2. Laugh–about anything
  3. Go to a show, concert or play
  4. Spend time near water
  5. Browse in a bookstore
  6. Watch a good escape movie (Jurassic Park and Harry Potter are awesome)
  7. Listen to music
  8. Dance (not in public!)
  9. Go out for a really delicious meal
  10. Take a fun class
  11. Do some photography

It is not selfish to spend time filling my bucket. A full bucket lets me be my best, true self out there in the world.

How do you fill your bucket?




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