My Top 10 Mommy Confessions


1. I don’t ever empty the clean silverware from the dishwasher.
It’s just a pain and I figure people can just grab what they need out of the dishwasher. My husband finally noticed this practice of mine after years of never being able to find a clean knife in the silverware drawer.

2. Matching socks are overrated.
I don’t stress about having matching socks, but if for some crazy, cosmic alignment reason, my kids do have matching socks in the morning, it’s a party day. My husband recently got smart and bought 3 huge packs of the same white sport socks so it’s become a non-issue. Pretty brilliant if you ask me.
3. Sometimes the agreed upon “house rules” get broken when my husband is out of town for work.
For example, somehow the dogs are allowed on the couch now. And once in awhile a new pet such as a Bearded Dragon Lizard, Russian Tortoise or Guinea Pig shows up to join our family zoo. What can I say? When the cat’s away…

4. My house is messy.
I admit that housekeeping is not my strength and there are often piles of laundry on my dining room table. HOWEVER, I once decided to hire a housekeeper and she left me a note saying my house was too messy to clean. Her partner had allergies and she asked if we could vacuum more often before they came over because of the pet hair. WHAT?
5. Romance has changed and I’m cool with that.
The last time my husband and I went on a “romantic get-away” we ate junk food and curled up in bed, reading and sleeping for the whole weekend.
6. I don’t call home.
When I go away for a girls’ weekend, I do not call home. I figure, what can I do? If there’s an emergency there’s 911. If it’s a non-emergency, than it will be handled. That’s why I went away. NOT to handle it.
7. I really hate my kids’ school events.
Terrible I know, but there you go!
8. I watch reality TV.
I recently watched a couple of seasons of Dance Moms and Toddlers in Tiaras. At first I felt like a relatively superb mom, but then I just felt like I was enjoying someone else’s train wreck!
9.  I keep a pretend therapy account open in my brain.
When I screw up with my kids I put money in their virtual therapy account and when I have a rockin’ good parenting moment I take some money out. I currently owe quite a bit!
10. I love traveling by myself.
I adore my family but I have traveled to Africa twice and there is something wonderful about stepping out of your roles for a little while. I was recently reading my journals from these trips and I wrote that I was experiencing “moments of pure happiness”. To go somewhere totally unfamiliar with people you don’t yet know is awesome. It’s a way to be a kid again and experience everything with fresh eyes.



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  1. #2: I came downstairs wearing matching socks and my Fiance had to check for a fever. I guess wearing non matching socks has become more normal for me than not. 😛
    #7: Is there any mom out there who actually ENJOYS going? Its one of those unwritten Mom things that we endure because we know its what we need to do for our kids. LIke sleepless nights! I bet we could all do away with that! 😀

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