Hiking With Dogs


I’m not a hiker, but would kind of like to be. So on the way home from the vet today, my two dogs and I passed a park with nature trails and decided to take a spontaneous hike.

After the hike I had some ‘notes to self’…

1. Wearing your purse makes you look kind of dorky in the woods

2. Bring someone with a good sense of direction along, or at least a map of the trails, so you don’t spend the entire time repeating the directions back out in your head. Up the hill, turn left, right at the no horses sign, find the #8 post, and then keep bearing right until you hopefully find the parking lot.

 3. Lay off the scary movies for a while. Those sticks you saw laying in an unusual formation were probably not left by the Blair Witch.

4. If you take dogs in the water and don’t have an old blanket in the car, your seats will get disgustingly smelly and muddy.

5. However far you walk into the woods, is how far you will have to walk to get out.

6. You will be wet, dirty, tired and happy afterward. It’s kind of like sex. After almost 18 years of marriage, sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth the effort at first, but then you remember how fun it is and think, why don’t we do this every day?


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  1. #5 made me giggle. I don’t have anywhere to hike around where I live, but I did go for an hour walk a week ago. My walking buddy asked me about half way in if I knew how far I was walking (I didn’t cuz I was too busy ranting). By the time we changed course and began heading home, I had begun to burn out about a block from home.

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