Watch Me!


Remember when you were little and said over and over, “Mommy watch me!”

Facebook is a lot like that except we’re saying, “Hey world, watch me!”

Why do we need other people to witness our lives? Do our actions seem unreal unless viewed by someone else? Kind of like, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it…”

“If I make lasagna for dinner and no one is there to see it…”

As I go about my day, I find myself narrating events in Facebook bytes in my head.

‘Cat threw up on the floor.’

‘Driving to work in the rain.’

‘No parking spots at the grocery store.’

‘What should I have for dinner?’

‘Going to bed early.’

It’s a very strange phenomenon. Maybe it’s a way to connect as we all continue to spread out around the world. I have Facebook friends in Australia, Africa and right next door to me.

Maybe it’s a substitute for meeting at the country store to share the latest news and gossip.

Maybe it’s a way to matter. “Hey world, I have a Timeline! I’m real and my actions count!”

So go ahead and check out my Facebook posts tomorrow. Watch me world! Here I come! Doing exciting things. Tomorrow I’ll probably go to work, come home, make dinner AND go to bed! I know, crazy right?


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