Heckling Babies


I have been thinking a lot about how each one of us is like a puzzle. We are a unique combination of pieces. And all of our pieces are important to making us who we are. We don’t need to judge them as good or bad, they are just part of us.

And if I can remember this about myself, I can try to remember it about others as well. So when someone pipes up with an obnoxious, know-it-all comment, instead of thinking ‘What a jerk,’ I can think, ‘Well I guess having strong opinions is a just a piece of that guy’s puzzle.’

Not that I can do this all the time. There are some days when I am just annoyed with the world and everyone’s puzzles, including my own. These are the days I find myself sitting at a red light and swearing at all of the crappy drivers. Then I see a mom pushing her baby in a stroller and think, ‘Stupid baby.’ Thankfully this is usually about the time my rational brain kicks in and says, “Dude, you’re heckling babies. Time to call it a day. Throw in the towel. Go home and have some graham crackers and milk and go to bed. We’ll try to be part of the world again tomorrow.”

But on the rest of the days, when I’m not calling innocent babies mean names, I can accept and appreciate my whole puzzle, and yours as well.


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