Monthly Archives: July 2013

Flipping Off Road Signs


So today was another one of those days where I should really just stay home (see past post, “Heckling Babies”). How do I know this? Because I gave the bird to a road sign. I was driving on the expressway and one of those temporary big, orange-lettered signs was shouting at me, “Right lane closed, expect delays”! So of course, the only thing to do was to give it the finger.  “F-U sign!”

I think there should be a test before we are allowed to join the world for the day. Some way to prove we can be a kind, compassionate grown-up. Maybe we can all wear mood rings and if our ring is black, we’re allowed to take the day off. Our boss would say, “Um Trista, I notice your ring is getting kind of orange, why don’t you just head home. Come back when you hit green or blue.” Would anyone ever make it to work for a whole week? I suppose not. But we’d be nice on the days we did.

But as of today, there is no mood ring law about joining the world so here I am, swearing at road signs. They flipping deserve it.