The Gift of a Dog


I sit on this beautiful beach but instead of enjoying the incredible view of lake, mountains and clouds, and the sound of wind and waves, I am thinking:


My husband has been laid off today.


A black, wet dog nose touches my arm and the eyes express the hopeful message, “Hey, could you please throw my ball? Huh, could you?”


I’ve just started my own business. What if I have to give it up?


Wet furry dog shakes on me, soaking my notebook. “Did you just see me go swimming after that ball? That was so amazing!”


What if we have to move someplace I hate?


Cold dog nose again, “Is this the best day ever or what?”


What if my kids have to change schools?


Black furry chin on my knee and eyes gazing at mine, “Do you know I adore you?”


What about health insurance?


Wet dog shake all over everything once again. “Feel free to throw the ball some more. Joy. Joy. Joy.”


I’m scared.


Wet dog lies next to me on warm rocks. “I’m so happy to be with you today.”


I’m so happy to be with you today too my sweet, furry, wet, stinky girl.


More dog shakes. I laugh and throw her ball. Then I join her, swimming and jumping in the waves.







Take one breath. Then another…



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