I Am Not a “Before Picture”


Whenever I think about making any changes in my life such as exercising more or losing weight, I can easily feel this sense of shame for who I am now. I don’t want to look back on my present self as a “before picture”.

I am realizing that I cannot do anything positive from a place of shame, or not feeling good enough. This only makes me feel bad and want to give up. It makes me set up crazy, unrealistic expectations for myself.

It’s only when I really and truly love my current self that I can do positive things. I can take a learn-to-run a 5K program and an intro to yoga program and eat a little bit healthier. I can do these things in a kind, caring and joyful way for myself. Not in a, “I need to fix this person” way.

I will celebrate these new steps and I will also be proud of the person I am right at this exact moment. The teacher of the introduction to yoga class told us that we are all perfect just as we are now and we just keep becoming more perfect.

And that works so much better! I refuse to be a “before picture”!




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