I am gay

I am straight

I am transgender


I am Christian

I am Muslim

I am Jewish

I am Buddhist

I am atheist

I am agnostic


I am black

I am white

I am Hispanic

I am Asian

I am a mixture of races and cultures


I have autism

I have Down syndrome

I have a traumatic brain injury


I am poor

I am rich


I have anxiety

I have depression

I am bi-polar


I grew up in the city

I am from the country


I am your neighbor

I am your co-worker

I am your sister, brother, friend, child, parent

I am your teacher, store clerk, lawyer, waiter


Talk to me

Listen to me

Have a cup of coffee with me


And you will see

We are more alike than different

Hate comes from fear comes from not knowing me

Get to know me


Don’t judge me on who I am

Judge me on what I do


Am I kind

Am I compassionate

Am I accepting


Judge me on these things

And I will do the same for you




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