Monthly Archives: January 2017



I lay on my back looking up at the stars and readied my slingshot. At first I thought that I should shoot beautiful words up to those shiny stars, but remembered how much we needed those words here, on Earth. I flung anger up into the sky. I shot ugly right up to the stars, quickly joined by despair, hurt, greed and lonely. I loaded my slingshot again and stood, and as I walked I shot the word love at my neighbor’s house. I flung compassion at an office building. I shot hope at a hospital and warmth at a man on a park bench. I rocketed peace and genuine and connection and growth and joy. But one word I kept close, in my pocket, saved just for me.




Tiny Breath


Lonely feels like

An empty flowerpot

A heavy gray day

A broken cup

A tiny breath

That cannot fill

Way too much space