I love to write but when people ask what I write I don’t know what to say. Recently someone called my writing, slice of life pieces. I guess that’s what they are, bits and pieces of life.

I have been thinking about how it’s truly the little things that I remember in my life and that are often the most meaningful. It’s often the bigger, planned out events that don’t turn out as expected.

For example, after my youngest son was born I wanted to do something special for his older brother who was three. So I loaded the boys up and took them to (the expensive) Sesame Street Live show. It was snowing and when I finally located a parking spot downtown I was relieved. I bundled them into the packed theater and we sat down in our awesome seats close to the front. I was holding the baby and praying he wouldn’t cry and anticipating how much my 3 year old would love this!

The lights went down and on the stage these enormous Sesame characters danced out onto the stage. I looked over to my son anticipating joy and instead saw him sinking down in his seat, chewing on his shirt, his little eyes widening in terror.

“Do you want to leave?” I asked him.

He nodded. On the way out we bought an Elmo flashlight. We trekked to the car and as we got closer I saw that telltale yellow paper under my windshield. I looked at it. $95 parking ticket! What? So pretty much I had spent about $150 on 8 minutes of terror for my son. I started crying.

But the little unplanned moments have been many and wonderful. Like walking around our block late one night in the pouring rain with flashlights searching for huge earthworms just because my Kindergartener found it funny when they squiggled back into the earth as quickly as they could. And more recently, when my 12 year old wanted to snuggle for 5 minutes on the couch before he headed out to the wilds of middle school. Or years ago, when my mom and grandma and I got hysterical about tilapia. I can’t remember why but I remember sitting in a restaurant with tears streaming down our faces trying not to snort as we laughed.

So this is my attempt to share some of those unplanned, slice of life moments and thoughts in the hope that you will be able to relate to some and to ponder your own. It’s been a slice!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your blog! I just laughed, cried, nodded in agreement, and shook my head in awe at your varied slice of life posts! And, yes, you ARE perfect just the way you are and I am glad that you are becoming more and more a part of my “village..”
    Love, Peace, Hope & Light-

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