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Sometimes I want
To hide from the world
Lay down in a
Field of sunflowers
Safe, small, quiet, alone
Surrounded by soft green
Covered by joyous yellow
The ground warm
The wind soft
I think
I will stay
A little


Filling My Bucket


On a recent weekend morning, I got dressed and headed out to the grocery store. Then I sped home and put my pajamas back on, deciding that I just wasn’t ready to face the world yet. My bucket was empty. I really like the bucket analogy. We need to fill out bucket so that we can have enough energy for life. When my bucket is empty, I don’t have anything to give my students, kids, husband, friends, or anyone else.

So how do we keep our buckets filled? Here are some simple, realistic ways that I can remember to fill my bucket. It’s important to do little things like these frequently because once I let my bucket get totally bone-dry empty, it’s daunting to try to start filling it again.

  1. Spend some time writing in a coffee shop
  2. Laugh–about anything
  3. Go to a show, concert or play
  4. Spend time near water
  5. Browse in a bookstore
  6. Watch a good escape movie (Jurassic Park and Harry Potter are awesome)
  7. Listen to music
  8. Dance (not in public!)
  9. Go out for a really delicious meal
  10. Take a fun class
  11. Do some photography

It is not selfish to spend time filling my bucket. A full bucket lets me be my best, true self out there in the world.

How do you fill your bucket?





My favorite words are serendipity and whimsical. During our summer vacations at Lake Champlain in Vermont we often take serendipity drives. This means we hop in the car and just drive until we find something interesting and then we get out and explore. One of our serendipitous finds was a beautiful field of sunflowers. Here are a few photos I took, including one of my mom in the sunflowers and her photo of me. Have you ever taken a serendipity drive? What did you find?