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Letting Go Of the Leash


It’s time to let go

of the leash.

That we held with


That we held

with joy.

That we held

with laughter.

That we held

for our new friend,

who has become

our beloved old


Who knows us

better than we

know ourselves.

Who loves us


Who trusts us


And who is certain

that we will

let go

when it is time.

Even as our hearts are



though our hands

are letting go,

our hearts

are connected







I lay on my back looking up at the stars and readied my slingshot. At first I thought that I should shoot beautiful words up to those shiny stars, but remembered how much we needed those words here, on Earth. I flung anger up into the sky. I shot ugly right up to the stars, quickly joined by despair, hurt, greed and lonely. I loaded my slingshot again and stood, and as I walked I shot the word love at my neighbor’s house. I flung compassion at an office building. I shot hope at a hospital and warmth at a man on a park bench. I rocketed peace and genuine and connection and growth and joy. But one word I kept close, in my pocket, saved just for me.



Swimming in the Rain


Friends for so long

Most every summer a girls’
Weekend at the lake

This past year has seen quite
A variety of weather

Bright sunshine as
Kids graduate from high school

A downpour with moves
Across the city and the country

And a tornado with
The unexpected death of a parent

But here we are
Together still

Swimming in the rain