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When I was pregnant with you
I couldn’t wait for you to be born
Because I was so excited to meet my baby boy

When you were born and I held you
You looked at me with those big eyes
And then peed all over
I smiled and said, “Hey Kid, nice to meet you. I’m your mom.”

Hey Kid, I remember you in your baby seat and our cat Ellie
Doing some silly thing
You looked over at me and we smiled at each other
Sharing our first joke

Hey Kid, we spent many hours exploring the world together
I got to see through your eyes as we fought dragons with sticks
And collected beautiful rocks and looked for crawfish in the pond
Coming home muddy and tired and so happy

Hey Kid, I comforted you when you were sick, or sad, or hurt
A snuggle and a Band-aid
Band-aids were magic
Able to heal any broken heart

Hey Kid, today I watch you walk across the stage, ready to leap into your next adventure
I am so proud of you and excited to see where you will go
But I am the one who today
May need a magic Band-aid and a snuggle




A sea of strangers flows around us, their tide trying to pull us along. My newborn is in his car seat perched precariously in the grocery cart. My hands are clinging to the cart handle. My husband is talking to my mother in law and then he turns to ask me something. I feel like I am reliving a game I used to play as a child where we sat on the bottom of a swimming pool and tried to talk to each other but couldn’t make out each other’s words, no matter how loudly we yelled. What is he saying? The harsh fluorescent lights illuminate this little baby who was so recently safely swimming in the dark. I am not ready to share this fragile being with the world. I can’t protect him out here. We continue our shopping trip and I’m drowning but no one seems to hear my screams for help.



Image 1

Mixed media painting by Pat McPike (my fabulous mom)